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  • About us

    About us

    Israel Youth Hostel Association (IYHA), operating under the Ministry of Education, was established in 1937. IYHA is a non-profit public organization that provides services in the fields of hosteling, vacations, tourism.

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  • Families


    Our guest houses are ideal for family events, and many of them have spacious rooms that can be rented out for parties or conventions.

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  • Hiking


    Adventurous travelers seeking a variety of experiences can stay in our conveniently situated, high quality hostels at affordable prices. We offer free Wi-Fi in every room and every hostel provides comprehensive tourist information on the surrounding area.

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  • Religion


    IYHA hostels accomodate the religious public. All hostels carry a Kashrut certificate, a synagogue and Torah scrolls. Groups can order meals with additional kosher requirements.

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  • Biking


    Many of our hostels are located along some of Israel’s most beautiful bike trails. In our hostels across Israel, riders can enjoy a pleasant, affordable stay.

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  • Youth Groups

    Youth Groups

    IYHA guest houses are perfect for youth groups with limited funds. With affordable accommodation, complementary breakfast, free Wi-Fi for all guests, and discounts on local tourist attractions, staying at one of our hostels is manageable on a tight budget.

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  • HI Hostels

    HI Hostels

    HI Israel is an active member of the Hostelling International global network of hostels, 4000 hostels in over 60 countries. We are located in some of the most inspiring places in Israel. You can purchase a membership card to get reduced rates throughout the network.

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